The first week of February was my first week of class! Here at Maastricht University they use a teaching style called Problem-Based Learning (PBL). This is very different from traditional college lectures–it is completely discussion-based and led by students in meetings called tutorials (not classes!!!!?!). Every tutorial, the tutor (AKA professor) hands out a task, … More PARADES, COSTUMES AND NUTELLA


I have been incredibly busy lately, as you can imagine! I apologize for my lack of posting. I’m going to rewind a bit to go over some of the new things I have experienced. About two weeks ago, my program at Maastricht University (called the Center for European Studies, CES for short), took all of us … More POOR BUT SEXY


I have been compiling this list of strange things I have learned since I have arrived in Europe, and I have been here for a whole ten days. So, obviously, you can expect it to be totally comprehensive and perfect. Heathrow Airport (in London) is the strangest place. It is not an airport. It is … More PECULIARITIES