The following week of visiting Keukenhof was really easy because Wednesday, April 27 was a national Dutch holiday, Koningsdag, or King’s Day! It is the King’s birthday, so the entire country shuts down and holds a national party. My friend Degen and I went to stay with Amy in Utrecht the night before, then we … More A WEEK OF AMY


Four weeks went by between my trip to France and my next big trip. During those weekend some of my most fond memories of Maastricht were made–lots of exploring little cafes I hadn’t been to, riding my bike around, relaxing with friends. Also, my study abroad program (CES) took us on a weekend trip to Antwerp … More THE IN-BETWEEN


Two days after I dropped Ryan at the airport, I woke up before the sun and got on a bus to…Paris! It was a six hour ride, which was rather pleasant until the bus driver yelled at me to wake up from my nap so that a rather large man could sit next to me. … More LA GRÈVE


Over Carnaval break in February, three of my friends and I went on a whirlwind week long trip to Prague, Czech Republic; Budapest, Hungary; and Copenhagen, Denmark, which calls for….a really long blog post! It was a week full of public transportation, currency exchanges, hostels, eating out, sightseeing and wandering (meandering, if you will 😉 … More THE OTHER SIDE


The first week of February was my first week of class! Here at Maastricht University they use a teaching style called Problem-Based Learning (PBL). This is very different from traditional college lectures–it is completely discussion-based and led by students in meetings called tutorials (not classes!!!!?!). Every tutorial, the tutor (AKA professor) hands out a task, … More PARADES, COSTUMES AND NUTELLA


I have been incredibly busy lately, as you can imagine! I apologize for my lack of posting. I’m going to rewind a bit to go over some of the new things I have experienced. About two weeks ago, my program at Maastricht University (called the Center for European Studies, CES for short), took all of us … More POOR BUT SEXY


I have been compiling this list of strange things I have learned since I have arrived in Europe, and I have been here for a whole ten days. So, obviously, you can expect it to be totally comprehensive and perfect. Heathrow Airport (in London) is the strangest place. It is not an airport. It is … More PECULIARITIES