closing out another year

at the end of each year since 2017, i’ve journaled the same few questions. this has allowed me to reflect on how exactly i’ve changed over the last few years, and it’s really special. this year, i’m going to share my end-of-year reflections with y o u.

20 wins of 2020 //

  1. hit 500 subscribers on youtube
  2. made it through a difficult year!
  3. my best friend’s wedding
  4. reached my reading goal for the first time
  5. went camping for the first time
  6. paid $20K to my student loans
  7. kept up with my finances
  8. spent more time outside than i have in years
  9. was able to splurge on christmas for my loved ones
  10. turned 25
  11. spent so much quality time with my mom and dad
  12. got into a happy routine with walking my dog
  13. got a beautiful car and i’m taking good care of it
  14. reconnected with old friends
  15. enjoyed down time instead of feeling unproductive
  16. voted in the 2020 primary and presidential election
  17. took a few (safe) great weekend trips
  18. got into one of the best workout routines i’ve ever had
  19. got to know myself better
  20. found a new dentist (lol)

2020 in pictures //

2020 favorites //

  • moment: finding out joe biden won the election from my sister while my mom and i were driving through the berkshires
  • tv show: the crown (or catherine the great)
  • book: the lost girls of paris
  • movie: enola holmes
  • song: the last great american dynasty — taylor swift
  • beauty product: glossier super glow + super bounce serums
  • wardrobe piece: comfy lounge sets
  • youtubers: jaci marie, michelle reed, morgan long, hellokaty
  • podcast: the daily

a word for the year //

well, it was supposed to be b e c o m i n g, which held true for some of my creative goals, but i don’t feel like i came into my own/got closer to my goals like i was expecting. looking back, a better word to describe how i handled this year is f l e x i b i l i t y. really had to roll with the punches (obviously ha) and be okay with things not going to plan. and i did a really good job at that — i’m much better at managing my expectations now.

well, that’s a wrap on 2020 and on this journal. what a trip it was. this journal has seen me through some sh/t. a great start to 2020, reconnecting with old friends, the beginning of the pandemic, adjusting to work from home, the resurgence of the blm movement, camping for the first time, my 25th birthday, my best friend’s wedding, quality time with my family, the election, losing my grandmother, a close family member getting covid (who recovered!) and so much in between.

this journal has served me well, helped me process, and taught me things. but it’s time to move on to the next chapter —

xx, mm

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