life is all about the in-between moments.

life is not about the mountaintops, it’s the moments in between.

mountain drive road tripas amazing as our best moments are, the moments we spend weeks looking forward to — that trip you’ve been planning for, or the day you’re moving to a new city — those moments are not what make up your life. the everyday, the in-between, is how you spend your life.

i think it’s important, especially when you can’t help but feel drowned in the monotonous rhythm of life, to take a step back and make sure you let yourself feel alive. really feel it. we need to remind ourselves that we are not meant to spend every day acting as a productive machine, but as a thinking, reflective human.

i know i need this reminder, which is why i’ve come up with a list of things that consistently make me feel alive, energized, and content.

what do you do in your everyday that makes you feel alive?

here’s my (non-exhaustive) list to help you think about it.

  • feeling my legs cozy under the covers in bed
  • feeling the breeze from the open window in my room on my face
  • bike rides
  • planting my feet on the ground each morning, feeling grounded, connected, and at home with the earth
  • my morning routine of making breakfast, sitting in silence, reading, and NOT looking at my phone
  • building new relationships
  • sweating
  • listening to podcasts because they make me feel connected to others
  • the way the sunshine comes through
  • yoga
  • driving with windows down
  • music by florence + the machine
  • sitting in a coffee shop hearing the hum of people living their lives in the background
  • hiking
  • looking out the window on a rainy day
  • standing outside on a rainy day, feeling the drops hit my face
  • photography
  • talking with strangers

‘how we spend our days, is, of course, how we spend our lives.’

[annie dillard]

tell me what makes you feel alive in the comments below.

xo, mad


  1. Definitely one of my favorite sounds is “coffee shop.” For some reason it’s just so relaxing. I haven’t been to one in a while and currently trying to find new ones. Another thing that makes me feel alive is actually driving. With a disability, it’s empowering for me because it’s one of the very few things I can control. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Ah I love these things! I totally agree—both of those activities really light me up, too. It’s so nice that you have something you know you can always go to when feeling out of control in other aspects of your life 🖤

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