Over the past 16 months that I have spent NOT updating this blog, I have:

  • learned more about the kind of person I want to be
  • seen another new country (Iceland), and three states (Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee)
  • gone on a road trip with some of my best friends
  • met new people who have influenced how I view the world
  • thought a lot about our environment
  • witnessed growth and enrichment in old relationships
  • gotten a ‘real job’
  • graduated from college with degrees in Global Environmental Studies, and Philosophy

As you can imagine, it has been BUSY. Funny enough, I don’t see life getting any less busy in the future, but I want to share what I fill my days and head with you as I continue on my journey of discovering myself and more of the world. The medium in which I am deciding to do so is through this blog. You can think of it as my blog REVIVAL.

Let’s say yes to adventure, authenticity, growth and raw thinking…together.

Join me.

❤ mm

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