study abroadWell, today is January 3, and I am flying out January 13…just ten days away! I cannot believe how quickly that day is approaching, and I am full of conflicting emotions about it. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that the next time I am home, the next time I drive around these familiar roads, the next time I see those close to me, I will be a person with a changed, fuller (hopefully!) perspective on the world. My eyes will have seen so many new sights and views; I will have met people from around the world. It boggles my mind that my little view on the world will be so different.

I am really excited to expand my horizons (I have to throw some cliches in this post), looking forward to leaping out of my comfort zone by trying new things and embracing change. However, with this, comes some fear as well. I am really nervous to experience such an overwhelming shift in my environment and surroundings. As a person who has become reliant on having a “home base,” this adventure will not be without nerve-wracking times. I am going to a place very far from anything I have ever known, knowing very few people on the same continent.

That being said, welcoming this uncertainty is going to be what makes this experience unlike any other. I must accept what I’m afraid of and revel in it because uncertainty is what keeps life interesting. Here’s to five months of embracing the unknown and spontaneity!


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